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Who we are - C4i Consultants is a software development and professional services company specializing in innovative and intuitive solutions for our customers. C4i has a reputation for delivering simple, smart software solutions earned through our work with the US and Canadian military, NATO and other commercial and government customers. We are known for working closely with our customers to produce workable solutions to tough problems and providing exceptional value for money. C4i’s areas of expertise include custom software development, system integration, training solution development, and simulation solutions. Our customer focus is commercial and government organizations at all levels and covers the energy, defence, public safety, and homeland security sectors.

C4i Energy is the solutions and services division of C4i consultants that has developed a proprietary approach to bring “command and control” into the energy industry. With a team of tenured energy executives and industry knowledge, the C4i Energy team leverages the “military grade” integration and security elements that are two of the industries greatest challenges.

C4i Energy sees a need within the Oil and Gas industry for a reliable software development company with experience providing customer focused solutions and integrating them into complex systems. As a small, nimble company with big experience and proven processes, we are an excellent choice for larger firms looking to solve specific issues. We seek relationships with larger solution providers in order to assist them with providing exceptional solutions to their customers.

Historical global military expertise and experience is the key differentiator for C4i Energy – Our outstanding performance in rugged, “no fail” environments is being brought to the energy industry at a reasonable price.

Examples of C4i Consultants areas of software development expertise are:
Simulation Solutions for Emergency Response, Crisis Management, Training and Analysis. C4i has developed a number of complex simulation products know for their ease of use and functionality. they enable organizations to plan, identify, test, validate and train their Emergency and Crisis response teams and decision makers in dealing with all situations.
Complex System Integration. C4i Consultants has extensive experience integrating complex software systems. This experience includes integrating GPS and radio hardware with software, training software with operational databases and forming disparate training software into one cohesive training environment.
Web-Based Solutions. C4i Consultants has experience developing and integrating web-based software. Our WebMSEL software, a web-based training tool, is used by the US Military, Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and at the US State and local level for scripted training events.
Communication Management Systems. C4i Consultants was tasked by the Canadian Army to develop the next generation communications planning tool. This automated planning tool helps soldiers determine the configuration of military radios, LAN network and microwave communications.